PHILADELPHIA -- Are you happy baseball is back after a long, cold Midwest winter?

The Brewers are, and they showed it to their fans with a video that debuted at on Thursday morning and will air at Miller Park all season long. Set to the Pharrell Williams song "Happy," it features Bob Uecker on trumpet, Carlos Gomez on the dance floor, Logan Schafer on the Miller Park roof and everyone from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett to Hank the Dog clapping along.

The Brewers and Captivate Digital Cinema shot footage for the video during exhibition games against the Royals and their season-opening series against the Braves.

"I don't know about 'nervous,' but we're definitely all anticipating it coming out," Schafer said.

Schafer had been up on the catwalks high above the playing field at Miller Park before, and he figured the locale would work well for his appearance.

"I'm obviously not a great dancer, so I figured if I go somewhere high like that, the picture will hopefully take some of the pressure off of me," Schafer said. "That was my thought process, at least. I don't mind [looking funny]. We're all goofballs, anyway, so it was fun."

The good times included Uecker in his radio booth, playing a trumpet he'd been given by New Orleans jazz musician Al Hirt. It was Hirt who arranged the first of Uecker's 100 or so appearances on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson," launching Uecker's entertainment career away from baseball.

While Uecker bobs in his booth, Gomez dances down the dugout tunnel, Jim Henderson mugs with fellow reliever Zach Duke, a Pharrell lookalike tours Miller Park, stadium employees sing along and Brewers owner Mark Attanasio and his family dance in their usual seats next to the dugout.

The best moves may belong to Brewers relievers Brandon Kintzler, Will Smith and Tyler Thornburg, who appear throughout the production.

"I think everybody realized it could be a little awkward, so we just said, 'whatever,' and decided to wing it," Thornburg said. "I'm glad it turned out looking good."

"Everyone just had fun with it," Schafer said. "It's all for the fans, all for a good time."