Catcher Lucroy makes first big league start

Catcher Lucroy makes first big league start

MILWAUKEE -- Brewers catching prospect Jonathan Lucroy made his first Major League start in Tuesday's 6-1 win over the Astros. He was apparently well-prepared.

"We gave him the Houston [scouting] information back on Sunday, and he had a whole day to read it over," Brewers manager Ken Macha said. "He beat the manager here today. So that's going to be a $50 fine. He was in the video room at noon, watching video, trying to prepare as best he can."

That's $50 Lucroy will willingly spend. He was promoted from Triple-A Nashville last week to replace injured veteran Gregg Zaun. The Brewers picked Tuesday for Lucroy's first start, because they had an experienced pitcher in Randy Wolf set to start.

Zaun's role, "is a very difficult position to replace," Macha said. "That's why veteran catchers stick around so long. It's not just learning the hitters, but game situations and [the fact that] hitters make adjustments in games. I'm not against a younger guy being back there. It's a good opportunity for [Lucroy] to gain some experience."

In the second inning of Tuesday's game, there appeared to be some confusion between Lucroy and Wolf, which may have contributed to the longest inning of the night for the lefty. In the inning, Wolf walked two and gave up a single before escaping with zero runs on the board.

Wolf and Lucroy talked several times on the mound in the game, as they hoped to avoid letting any confusion affect the outcome.

"Obviously there was a little confusion early on, but all it is really is getting to know his signs and get to know how he pitches and the way it goes," Lucroy said. "Sometimes things get a little confusing back there. It'll be better next time, I promise."

Despite the difficulties with the signs, Wolf was very pleased with Lucroy in his Major League debut.

"He did an outstanding job," Wolf said. "He should definitely be happy with what he did behind the plate today."