Fielder: Griffey retirement 'best thing'

Fielder: Griffey retirement 'best thing'

MIAMI -- Brewers slugger Prince Fielder grew up playing video games featuring Ken Griffey Jr. and counts Griffey as a great friend. He wishes his friend well in retirement.

Griffey announced Wednesday that he was retiring after 22 seasons.

"Everybody knows that was my guy growing up, more so as a friend than as a fan," Fielder said. "It's unfortunate for the game of baseball, but it's his decision. He'll be fine [financially], and he's got kids. He has a nice house down the street from me. I think this was the best thing. He was able to finish in Seattle, so it's good."

Does Fielder have an idea what Griffey will do in retirement?

"Golf and chill with his sons," Fielder said.

Brewers outfielder Jim Edmonds, an American League West foe of Griffey's from 1993-99, when Edmonds was in Anaheim and Griffey was in Seattle, said he was "totally shocked" by news of Griffey's retirement.

"He's one of the best ever," Edmonds said. "He's the best all-around player I've ever seen in my era."

Of Griffey's somewhat awkward exit, Edmonds said: "They're always going to be like that when you're that good. I figure that things weren't going the way he wanted to and he decided it was time. But 22 years, it's amazing."