Patience helped Gomez score winning run

Patience helped Gomez score winning run

MILWAUKEE -- Center fielder Carlos Gomez used his speed to the win the game for the Brewers, 5-4 in the 10th inning, on Thursday afternoon, but it was patience at the plate that gave him the chance.

Gomez drew just his seventh walk of the season as he watched four straight balls from Cubs reliever Bob Howry. Manager Ken Macha said patience is something that could greatly benefit the speedy Gomez -- who has 27 strikeouts -- and in turn, the team.

"You've got to get on to do that," said Macha, referring to Gomez scoring the winning run. "I think his on-base is around .290 right now, so it's not like he's leading the team in stolen bases -- it's not like I've had the red light on him, either.

"Every time he gets on, he's got the green light. Yesterday on that particular pitch, I gave him, I'm encouraging him to go on that pitch. So I don't think he needs much more encouragement. Once he saw that, he was going."

Gomez, who has eight steals in 10 attempts on the season, ranks second on the club behind left fielder Ryan Braun, who has 11 steals in as many attempts.

When asked about Gomez and his approach, Macha said the key for him could be determining just what kind of hitter he's going to be.

"If you watch his BP, he can hit the ball up in the seats pretty deep," Macha said. "You've got to learn what you are, what type of hitter is going to make you successful, OK?

"He's a big strong kid. He may turn into being a power hitter. In order to do that, you've got to make -- I've said this all along -- it's not go up there and look for a walk. It's get the ball in the strike zone."