Macha has praise for opposing manager

Macha has praise for opposing manager

MILWAUKEE -- The Brewers pitchers and hitters had little experience against their opponents entering the game, but there was one face in the visiting dugout, Rangers manager Ron Washington, that was very familiar for Brewers manager Ken Macha.

Washington, who is in his fourth year as manager for the Rangers, coached with Macha for eight years in Oakland, where he served as first-base coach in 1996 before becoming the A's infield and third-base coach from 1997-2006.

During that time, Washington developed a number of great infielders for Oakland.

"As far as I'm concerned, Wash is the best guy out there, and I think the proof is in the product that he put out there in Oakland," Macha said. "He took a catcher in Scott Hatteberg and made him a pretty good first baseman. Mark Ellis, I think, holds the record in the American League for fewest errors at second base for an entire season, and Eric Chavez has got four or five Gold Gloves, not to mention the shortstops, [Miguel] Tejada and then Bobby Crosby, that he had.

"So the product is out there, and the reason that it's out there is his work ethic. And I bet you if you go to Michael Young or Ian Kinsler and asked them, they're going to tell you the same thing."

With the Rangers in town for a three-game set over the weekend, Macha was happy to see Washington, though he hoped to take the series from his old friend.

"I consider him a dear friend," Macha said. "It's just a relationship that's built over those years that we were together. So I wish him well, except for these next three days."