Suppan begins post-Brewers tenure

Suppan begins post-Brewers tenure

ANAGEIM -- Brewers manager Ken Macha said he had enough on his hands at Angel Stadium to worry a about Jeff Suppan making his Cardinals debut in St. Louis. So Macha wasn't watching as Suppan, eight days after the Brewers released him, allowed one Mariners run in four useful innings.

The Brewers released Suppan on June 7 despite owing him more than $10 million through the end of this year. By Thursday, he had the parameters of a deal in place with St. Louis, where Suppan had his greatest career success, winning National League Championship Series MVP honors and then a World Series ring in 2006. The contract was finalized on Monday.

The Cardinals only owe Suppan a prorated portion of the Major League minimum salary and the Brewers are on the hook for the rest.

"He's a healthy guy and he's going to give them innings, if anything else," Macha said. "He pitched well in St. Louis for us, at that ballpark. For [the Cardinals], it's no-lose. They're paying him the minimum salary and if he 'hits,' then fine. If he doesn't, then flip the page and move on to the next guy. So it's a no-brainer almost."

Macha once again praised Suppan for being a "good citizen" and for accepting a demotion to the bullpen with class.

"I wish him well," Brewers pitching coach Rick Peterson said. "I called him two days after [his release] and told him that. I said that if he or his agent needed me to give anybody a recommendation, I would gladly do that."

The Cardinals, because of their history with Suppan, didn't need it.

St. Louis is in need of help with starters Brad Penny and Kyle Lohse on the disabled list. Rookie right-hander Adam Ottavino, who was a late-inning rally away from beating the Brewers on June 5, was optioned to Triple-A after going 0-3 with a 7.53 ERA in three big league starts.

The Brewers will play a four-game series in St. Louis from July 1-4.