Macha speaks of Piniella with respect

Macha speaks of Piniella with respect

MILWAUKEE -- Brewers manager Ken Macha spoke with respect Sunday for Cubs skipper Lou Piniella, who announced early in the day that he was stepping down to spend time with his ill mother. Piniella had already announced last month that this season would be his last.

Cubs coach Mike Quade takes over the Cubs on an interim basis.

Macha and Piniella were American League West rivals throughout the 1990s and early 2000s -- Macha as a coach with the Angels and A's and Piniella as manager of the Mariners -- but they became close beginning in '03. That was Macha's first season as manager of the A's and Piniella's first with the Rays.

"Lou and I talked quite a bit over the years that I managed," Macha said. "I said this when he announced his retirement, that I admire the guys who have done this job for that long, [like] Bobby Cox and [Joe] Torre. This is not an easy job. I always enjoyed talking with [Piniella]."

Did Macha think Lou was burned out?

"I think he still loves the game, so I don't know about 'burned out,'" Macha said. "Everybody is a competitor. Everybody wants to have that win/lose situation every night, and that's a tough thing to give up. It's one of the luxuries of this job, you might lose on Saturday night but then you come fresh on Sunday with a chance to win. That's something I think he'll miss because of the type of competitor he is."