Yount stayed with Crew thanks to Selig

Yount stayed with Crew thanks to Selig

MILWAUKEE -- You can count the fact Robin Yount played all 20 of his Hall of Fame seasons with the Brewers among the legacies of club owner-turned-Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig.

Yount was a free agent after winning his second American League MVP Award in 1989, and confirmed Tuesday after the Brewers unveiled a statue of Selig outside Miller Park that he was very close to signing somewhere else. That the Angels made Yount a strong offer was previously known, but one of the Brewers' unofficial historians on hand for Tuesday's event could not remember Yount ever acknowledging it before Tuesday.

"I was this close to going somewhere else," Yount said. "It had nothing to do with Milwaukee. The way things were playing out at that time, things were getting to the end and I wanted one more shot at possibly playing in that World Series. It just looked like the Angels were making a little bit better run at that than we could at that time. That was the only reason there was even consideration of it.

"But as it played out, this man right here," Yount said, pointing to Selig, "was stronger than any of the other things that were involved in making me stay. That's why I did. If it wasn't for this guy right here, I probably would have left."

Instead, Yount stayed and collected his 3,000th hit in a Brewers uniform three years later. He played with the Brewers through the end of 1993, was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in '99 and immortalized in bronze alongside Hank Aaron outside Miller Park in 2001.