Gomez playing it safe with new helmet

Gomez playing it safe with new helmet

MILWAUKEE -- Carlos Gomez says it will take some getting used to the extra weight, but he has agreed to wear a reinforced batting helmet at the urging of the Brewers' medical staff.

Gomez just returned Tuesday after spending three weeks on the disabled list with a concussion, the result of a high and tight fastball from Cubs reliever Brian Schlitter on Aug. 3. For all four of his at-bats against the Dodgers, Gomez wore a new helmet that is larger and heavier but can also withstand more force than the traditional plastic headgear.

"You feel pressure on your head," Gomez said. "It's my size, but it's more deep and you get more pressure on my forehead. If you use it more, you're not going to feel it. When I was in rehab, I used it. It's getting more comfortable. I would rather be more safe than sorry."

Such helmets were made mandatory in the Minor Leagues this season, and players including the Brewers' Ryan Braun and Corey Hart wore them in the All-Star Game. Gomez believes they will be even more widespread in the future.

"I think next year, everybody is going to wear them," he said.