Cain has stiff neck from highlight catch

Cain has stiff neck from highlight catch

CINCINNATI -- Brewers rookie center fielder Lorenzo Cain had a stiff neck and a cell phone full of text messages to show for his highlight-reel catch in Monday's loss to the Reds.

Cain made an all-out, leaping catch to rob Paul Janish of extra bases in the eighth inning and smashed into a rubberized, chain-link fence in right-center field that protects Great American Ball Park's out-of-town scoreboard. He felt dizzy at first, but after a thorough once-over by the medical staff, Cain finished the game.

He was out of the lineup Tuesday in favor of Chris Dickerson, but that was partly a move to stack left-handed bats against Reds pitcher Aaron Harang. Cain was not restricted from any of his pregame work.

"I'm a little stiff," Cain said. "Nothing serious."

Cain's catch was replayed over and over Tuesday, eclipsed only by Roger Federer's between-the-legs winner in his first-round match at the U.S. Open. Cain's national exposure led to a deluge of congratulatory text messages from friends and family.

"I definitely had to turn on the TV to check it out," he said. "I was just trying to make a play. I wasn't really thinking twice about [getting hurt]."