Macha must wait to learn managerial future

Macha must wait to learn managerial future

MILWAUKEE -- It appears the Brewers will play out the season amid managerial uncertainty. General manager Doug Melvin said he's not planning to make public his plans for manager Ken Macha until after the Brewers throw their final pitch and take their final swings of 2010.

"I'll make all decisions after the season," Melvin said. "Within a few days after the season."

The situation is inherently different than 2009, when Melvin declared before the season's final game that Macha would be back for the second year of his contract, and then added a club option for 2011 onto Macha's deal to give him some stability.

Now Macha is in something of a state of limbo after a second straight losing season. The Brewers are 73-82 entering the season's final week.

Asked how Macha had performed this year, Melvin said, "We'll make all of our evaluations at the end of the season. We've had the injuries taking place with the ballclub. I think Ken is a very sharp baseball guy, a very solid baseball guy."