Roenicke's meetings might have spice

Roenicke's meetings might have spice

Roenicke's meetings might have spice
PHOENIX -- A 40-minute gathering of Brewers pitchers and catchers on Thursday morning marked manager Ron Roenicke's first team meeting. If he continues a tradition from his previous job, those meetings could be interesting.

Roenicke spent the previous 11 seasons on the Angels coaching staff under Mike Scioscia, whose morning meetings in Spring Training were, "incredible," Roenicke said. In one, Scioscia brought in an ostrich from an Arizona farm and let it loose in the clubhouse.

No, the stunt was not part of some grand message.

"Guys were jumping up in their lockers," Roenicke said. "It was just to have fun. ... Something to lighten the day."

Will Roenicke bring the fun to Maryvale Baseball Park.

"If I can do some of it, I will," he said. "But I cannot do what [Scioscia] does every day."

Roenicke and Scioscia remain very close and are planning to meet for dinner several times during Spring Training (the Angels' base is in nearby Tempe). Roenicke praised Scioscia's baseball mind, his common sense, his preparation and his "incredible sense of humor," a trait that Roenicke doesn't think the public gets to see.

"He does so many things right that I can't just say, 'Well, I'm going to be like Mike,'" Roenicke said. "Not every manager has the tools to do [everything] so we try to do the best with what we have. I don't have Mike's witty personality, so they won't be rolling and laughing every day when they leave that thing."