Benches clear during Dodgers-Brewers game

Benches clear during Dodgers-Brewers game

Benches clear during Dodgers-Brewers game
PHOENIX -- The benches briefly cleared during the Dodgers-Brewers Spring Training game Tuesday after Milwaukee third baseman Casey McGehee struck out with the bases loaded to end the sixth inning.

Los Angeles reliever Roman Colon pumped his fist after recording the rally-killing strikeout and McGehee yelled in his direction. Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder, who has some history with the Dodgers bullpen, joined the conversation and had to be restrained.

Afterwards, McGehee and Colon met outside the visitors clubhouse, where they patched things up.

"To me, it's not a big deal," McGehee said. "He got excited, I got excited. He told me where he was coming from and I told him where I was coming from.

"There's a lot more important stuff to get [ticked] off about than a Spring Training game."

Colon agreed. "Things happen in the game," he said. "We talked, and he understands. Bases loaded, I'm trying to make the team. We played together in the Minors in 2008, when I was with Kansas City. He saw the way I pitched. I respect the game."

The whole scene took Dodgers manager Don Mattingly by surprise.

"They were a little fired up. I don't know if I've ever seen the benches clear in a Spring Training game. I didn't expect to see everyone run out.

"I thought it'd just be between Colon and Casey."

Nevertheless, Mattingly understood.

"Colon was just excited to show what he can do, coming back from 2-and-0. I can understand both sides."

Brewers manager Ron Roenicke didn't mind seeing tempers flare.

"I like it," Roenicke said. "I like that guys, whether it's Spring Training or a regular season game, it means a lot to them. That's what I'm trying to get them to understand, that whenever we go on the field and play a game, I want you guys going all-out."

In the end, no punches were thrown and the sides returned to their respective dugouts. The Dodgers were leading, 7-1, in the first spring meeting between the teams.

The situation was far more serious in August 2009, when a screaming-mad Fielder tried to charge into the home clubhouse at Dodgers Stadium to confront reliever Guillermo Mota. A group of his teammates had to restrain Fielder outside the clubhouse door.