Slow going for Greinke in rehab

Slow going for Greinke in rehab

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Banged-up Brewers starter Zack Greinke has been making steady but slow progress in his recovery from a cracked rib, manager Ron Roenicke said Monday.

"He's coming along good," Roenicke said. "They're riding him on the bike and you heat up to the point of, where does he start to feel it? They're trying to monitor how hard and how far he can go with workouts before he starts feeling it at all, and it's kind of tricky. They were riding for four minutes and he started to feel it, so they had to back off.

"So it's just trying to gauge the point where he's getting work in yet not affecting that area."

Greinke will be cleared to resume throwing a baseball once he's pain-free.

"I don't think the light playing catch is that far away, but throwing, we've still got a ways," Roenicke said.