Mitre plays waiting game

Mitre plays waiting game

Mitre plays waiting game
MILWAUKEE -- It's business as usual -- for now -- for Brewers right-hander Sergio Mitre, who still does not know whether he'll be in the bullpen or on the pitcher's mound at the start of Wednesday's game against the Braves.

That night marks the first game in which Milwaukee needs a fifth starter to fill-in for the injured Zack Greinke, and Mitre remains the top in-house option. But if he is needed in relief on Monday or Tuesday, then the Brewers may need to dip into the Minor League system for a fresh arm.

"It will probably be dictated by these next two games," manager Ron Roenicke said Monday morning. "We have an idea what we want to do, and hopefully things won't change to where we have to do something different."

Roenicke said he worried about taxing his bullpen so early in the season, and even with eight relievers on hand, starting Mitre on Wednesday would take one of the team's extended arms out of the mix for the several days that follow. But other options would require a roster move, and the Brewers' 40-man roster is full.

Mitre debuted with two scoreless innings in Saturday's loss to the Reds and allowed only one hit. It was only his second appearance in a Brewers uniform counting one game in Spring Training.

"It's always good to pitch," he said. "It's good for me to get things rolling with a new team, and I think it's also big that guys get a feel for where they can play. With my pitching style, you're going to get a lot of ground balls, so it's good for the guys behind you to be able to situate themselves better. I just have to stay ready and focused."

As for getting word about Wednesday, Mitre said, "the sooner the better, so I can prepare myself."