Kotsay not interested in coaching alma mater

Kotsay not interested in coaching alma mater

MILWAUKEE -- Mark Kotsay was surprised to hear his name surface as a possible candidate for the head coaching job at Cal State Fullerton. In fact, Kotsay was so taken aback when his dad phoned him about the speculation that the Brewers' utility player just laughed it off.

"Don't get me wrong, the interest of my alma mater and being a part of my alma mater is there, but as far as coaching, it's honestly not the right time in my life to quit my job and be a head coach at a college," Kotsay said. "But you know if they were in consideration of me, it's a great gesture that the school thinks that highly of me to throw me in the mix."

Kotsay said coaching is something he'd like to get in to after his playing days are over, but that the Titans did not have any contact with him about the coaching vacancy. During his days at Cal State Fullerton, Kotsay led the Titans to a national championship in 1995 and was named the Golden Spikes award winner.

Though he has an interest in coaching, Kotsay said his commitment to the Brewers shouldn't be in question.

"They never asked me, but you know it makes for good print back home," he joked. "I made a commitment to this team and this is where I want to be."