Greinke searching for answer to high run totals

Greinke searching for answer to high run totals

Greinke searching for answer to high run totals
MILWAUKEE -- Zack Greinke sat in the Brewers dugout, bat in hand, and waited for the rest of the pitchers to join him for batting practice. The right-hander shook his head side to side when asked about his performance during the Brewers' road trip.

"I don't know. I've tried everything I can," he said. "If I knew what to do differently, I'd do it right away. Obviously I don't have the answer right now, so I'll just keep trying."

Greinke surrendered four earned runs during a six-inning performance against the Twins on Sunday, and he was chased early in his previous start -- a loss to the Yankees.

Greinke has frustrated himself with flashes of the dominant pitcher he wants to be, and even his statistics have manager Ron Roenicke confused.

Greinke has recorded three 10-strikeout performances this year, and he punched out nine during Sunday's loss. He has also surrendered just 14 walks in his 12 starts this season.

Yet the right-hander's ERA stands at 5.66, which is what has Roenicke puzzled.

"The numbers don't jive," Roenicke said. "I don't know why you have the strikeouts and the less amount of walks, and you give up the run totals he has? That's really baffling, because there's not too many pitchers that have those kinds of numbers."

The skipper said the last turn through the rotation was probably the worst of the season for the starting five as a whole. Greinke, for his part, isn't trying to be overly frustrated with himself. He said he and the rest of the staff need to keep doing what's worked for them individually and the results should follow.

"Most people are sort of set," Greinke said. "If you start trying to do what other people do, then that's obviously not your strength. You can take little pieces here and there from people, but if you try to do too much like someone else, 99 percent of the time that's going to have more negative than positive results."