Brewers won't back off on baserunning

Brewers won't back off on baserunning

Brewers won't back off on baserunning
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Brewers will continue to run, even as they added to their Major League-leading total of outs on the basepaths in Saturday's tight loss to the Giants.

Manager Ron Roenicke has preached an aggressive philosophy since taking the helm last October, and it was certainly in play Saturday. Rickie Weeks was thrown out at the plate in the fourth inning and Nyjer Morgan was out trying to advance on a ball in the dirt in the fifth, giving the Brewers 53 "outs on base," according to the website

That stat does not include runners caught stealing, so Casey McGehee was off the hook. He was caught off third base on an attempted double steal in the fourth.

The Brewers made six more outs on the bases through Saturday than any other team. Roenicke attributes the vast majority of those outs to aggressive baserunning, and not necessarily mistakes.

"It's acceptable for what we're trying to do," Roenicke said. "Any time you try to create a different thought process on the bases, you're going to run into outs. I don't believe in going station to station like some teams and, hey, some teams have been successful at that. I believe in being aggressive, and if you're going to be aggressive, you're going to run into outs."

Roenicke was particularly supportive of third-base coach Ed Sedar, who moved from first to third last winter.

"Even if you broke even on outs versus runs you create, I think the attitude from the aggressiveness goes into the whole game, not just the baserunning," Roenicke said. "I think it goes into your at-bats, your defensive play. It goes into your pitching. The whole attitude of the team is, 'Let's be aggressive in everything we do.' I want these guys always wanting to make plays rather than worrying about making a mistake.

"I'm not saying that I'm right and everyone else is doing it wrong. I just think for the total picture, your team is more apt to take it to the other team if that [aggressive] style comes into it."