Anne in the Stands: Winning

Anne in the Stands: Winning

Anne in the Stands: Winning
On Monday morning, I turned to the sports page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and saw this headline: "On Top of the Heap."

I grinned. And laughed out loud. And felt my heart leap.

"Is it possible," I asked myself, "that I fell asleep in the middle of June and have been dreaming ever since?"

"My team is red hot!" I shout to friends wherever I go -- at Miller Park, in the grocery store, at the gas station, and even in the parking lot after church.

This dream involves my baseball team, MY Brew Crew.

A Prince and a King
In my dream, Prince Fielder is slugging home runs and making astounding double plays -- even a triple play. And get this: Prince is smiling in the dugout, actually laughing out loud at Nyjer Morgan's bouncy antics. Ryan Braun is steady as always, shagging every ball hit to left field and making it all look easy. Besides that, Ryan's batting average has soared. Even after starting the season on the injured reserve, Cory Hart is having a great year at the plate and in the outfield.

In my dream, the newspaper labels Yovani Gallardo "King of the Hill." Everyone knew the guy was good, but this year, with solid batting behind him, he's been WONDERFUL!

And here's THE most amazing part: the rest of the pitchers in the rotation are sterling, focused and nearly unbeatable.

When Ricky Weeks and Carlos Gomez went on the disabled list, I thought I might have to wake up from my dream. Instead, the Brewers' management filled the field with their brilliant bench: Morgan, Josh Wilson, Jerry Hairston, players who quickly got their names in the headlines.

The series with the Mets, crazy as it was, is a perfect example of how this team pulls together. Think the Crew is going to lose this one? Guess again.

Four things mark the primary difference between other good years and this heavenly season: these guys KNOW they can win. The KNOW they can come back from a deficit. They KNOW every team member is out to play better than his best.

And they KNOW Morgan will keep them laughing all the way through the season.

P.S. When I received my Season Subscriber Post Season Ticket Packet, I realized I wasn't dreaming!

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