Axford, K-Rod wowed by Mo's saves record

Axford, K-Rod wowed by Mo's saves record

CHICAGO -- John Axford and Francisco Rodriguez had approximately the same reaction in the Wrigley Field clubhouse Monday after Yankees closer Mariano Rivera logged his 602nd save, breaking Trevor Hoffman's year-old Major League record.

Axford, the Brewers' second-year closer who was mentored last season by Hoffman, called it "huge." Rodriguez, the single-season record-holder with 62 saves, called it "ridiculous."

"I remember specifically trying to think about how big a number 600 was and how you get to that number," Axford said. "That's 40 saves every year for 15 years. It's mind-boggling when you think about it, and both of those guys have done it."

Rodriguez is fourth among active pitchers with 291 saves, though he has been pitching exclusively as a setup man to Axford since a July trade from New York.

He found 602 saves hard to fathom.

"It seems ridiculous," Rodriguez said. "It's hard to imagine. It's a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice and a lot of years -- consistency. It's not easy. ... It's something that's hard to think about."