Weeks not keen on batting in five-hole

Weeks not keen on batting in five-hole

Weeks not keen on batting in five-hole
PHOENIX -- Soft-spoken Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks aired an uncharacteristic request Thursday about his spot in the batting order: Anything but the five-hole.

That's where Weeks finished last season, playing with a sprained left ankle during the Brewers' postseason run. Before voicing his dislike for that slot he might have been an option there again for manager Ron Roenicke. The leading contenders for the leadoff hole and the five-hole are Weeks and right fielder Corey Hart, each of whom has expressed some distaste for hitting fifth.

Hart did not like hitting behind Prince Fielder, which is not a concern anymore since Fielder has signed with the Tigers. Weeks said his problem was with that spot itself.

"Anything other than five, I'm good," Weeks said. "I feel like I'm not doing anything. You might have people [on base] in front of you, but once you drive them in, you feel like you're stagnant. The game kind of slows down to me.

"I'm the type of person, you get on base and try to score runs. That's my whole thing. ... Being active down there, it's kind of hard to do that."

Weeks, who has spent most of his career in the leadoff hole, will tie Gorman Thomas for 10th on the Brewers' all-time runs scored list when he next touches home plate. Weeks enters the season only 73 runs shy of sixth place on that list.

He said his ankle is about 95 percent recovered from the nasty sprain he suffered last July.

Earlier this week, Roenicke discussed some options for the top five spots in his lineup and said he was leaning toward Weeks or Hart leading off, followed by center fielder Nyjer Morgan, left fielder Ryan Braun (assuming he's not suspended), new third baseman Aramis Ramirez and then Weeks or Hart.