Attanasio: Extensions on tap for GM, manager

Attanasio: Extensions on tap for GM, manager

Attanasio: Extensions on tap for GM, manager
PHOENIX -- With the Ryan Braun saga in the rear-view mirror, Brewers principal owner Mark Attanasio said he would like to wrap up contract extensions for general manager Doug Melvin and manager Ron Roenicke before Opening Day.

Melvin is entering the final season of a three-year contract extension he signed in October 2008, after the Brewers had snapped their 26-year postseason drought. He has headed Milwaukee's baseball operations since September 2002. Roenicke is also entering a contract year, though the club has an option for 2013.

"I slept like a baby this offseason, but [Melvin] had a few sleepless nights my guess is, [so] he didn't want to get into either his contract or Ron's contract until we [began] camp," Attanasio said. "Those are two topics I'll discuss with him before Opening Day.

"They're a great fit. Look, I'm all about results."

The Brewers set a franchise record with 96 regular-season wins last season and went to the National League Championship Series.

Melvin, 60 in August, confirmed he's interested in staying on.

"I think this past year really invigorated me and excited me," he said. "It's the first year I've been out of the first round of the playoffs, and I thought we had a real chance to get to the World Series. ... I still enjoy the job, I enjoy the people in the organization, the fan base. There are a lot of very positive things, and I want to continue to do this."

Attanasio said less about the plan for the team's highest profile free agents to be. Starters Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum are due to hit the open market in October, and Melvin said he would have to meet with Attanasio to discuss the budget before proceeding. Attanasio will be back in camp on March 9 to host Brewers sponsors.

"The good news for us starts with the fact that guys in their free-agent year tend to perform at high levels, and guys on winning teams tend to perform at high levels," Attanasio said. "Hopefully, we have a confluence of those two events."