Another successful Oscar night for Axford

Another successful Oscar night for Axford

Another successful Oscar night for Axford
PHOENIX -- Brewers closer John Axford had another successful Oscar night, correctly predicting 11 of the 15 winners at Sunday night's Academy Awards after going 11-for-13 last year. Perhaps some day, the Brewers' resident film buff will hold a statuette of his own.

Axford, who revealed his predictions via Twitter (@JohnAxford), can foresee a future in the movies, and already has one project in the books. He made a black and white film with a group while enrolled at Notre Dame, a dark story of a young woman emotionally neglected by her husband. This offseason, Axford had the 16 mm film digitized.

There are still plenty of years of pitching ahead of Axford, 28, but he's been banking story ideas and would someday like to be involved in writing or producing his own film.

"I have lots of stories in my head, but it's a matter of writing them out," Axford said. "I would like to find out some day if I could make it in the movies, either as a writer or maybe a producer. I don't know if I could handle being the director of a $100 million movie, though."

On Sunday, Axford nailed best picture ("The Artist"), best actor (star of "The Artist," Jean Dujardin) and both of the best supporting actor categories. He missed, as did many Oscar prognosticators, on best actress, which went to Meryl Streep for her portrayal of British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in "The Iron Lady." Axford's pick was Viola Davis from "The Help."

His favorite movie of the year was "Rango," which won best animated film. Axford watched it during 2011 Spring Training, when he was felled by a nasty case of food poisoning.

"'The Artist' was definitely one of my favorites, too," he said. "I haven't seen anything like it before, and it's great in the way it pulls you in on a visual level."