Aramis meets with Roenicke about slow start

Aramis meets with Roenicke about slow start

MILWAUKEE -- Brewers third baseman Aramis Ramirez took advantage of his manager's open door policy on Tuesday to discuss his quietest start to a season in a nearly a decade.

Ramirez, who signed a three-year contract in December, entered Milwaukee's nine-game homestand with four hits and no home runs in 35 at-bats.

The power drought is his longest to start a season since 2003, when Ramirez, playing for the Pirates, homered off the Mets' David Cone in his 47th at-bat of the year.

"It's a slow start for him. He's not happy where he is [statistically]," manager Ron Roenicke said. "He came in and talked to me today. He wants to do something to help contribute to this team winning, and he feels that he isn't doing that right now.

"But I still like where he is, as far as in the lineup. I think he's a guy that we're going to need to do his thing this year. If we don't have him, we don't have a good, solid fourth hitter, it's hard to get things done offensively."