Plush explains thought behind dash home

Plush explains thought behind dash home

Plush explains thought behind dash home
MILWAUKEE -- Nyjer Morgan said that the stop sign he ran through on Wednesday night on the way to scoring the winning run was not a stop sign at all -- he said it was really a "deke" for the Dodgers.

But there's also a very good chance that Morgan was just trying to "deke" reporters. It's a tangled web these Brewers weave.

"Never underestimate the sneakiness, guys," Morgan said with a laugh.

Here are the facts: Morgan entered Wednesday's game as a pinch-runner, with the score tied at 2 in the 10th inning. He picked a perfect spot to steal second base when Dodgers reliever Matt Guerrier twirled a curveball to the plate, and he took third when the throw from catcher A.J. Ellis sailed into center field.

A pair of walks loaded the bases before Ryan Braun hit a high popup to Matt Kemp in very shallow center field. Third-base coach Ed Sedar, positioned down the line by design so he had more time to read Kemp's catch, threw up the stop sign. Morgan went anyway.

Manager Ron Roenicke planned to talk things over with Morgan before Thursday's series finale with the Dodgers, but he is by no means upset; he just wanted to hear the thought process behind taking such a bold risk.

"Sometimes you want a player to instinctually do things that he sees," Roenicke said. "And even when it doesn't work out, we have to be OK with that. ... If Nyjer took off and went because he says he saw Kemp catch that ball flat-footed, I'm fine with it."

That is, indeed, what Morgan said prompted his decision to go. Asked whether he saw Sedar's stop sign, he said, "I'm going to say the head was down. I had my head down and just figured, 'Let's go for it.'"

Morgan politely disagreed with Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, who said emphatically that Morgan should have been called out by plate umpire Mike DiMuro. Morgan looked at replays, too, and argues that his right knee touched home before Ellis applied the tag.

"I was in there," Morgan said. "I knew I was safe."

He also knew it was time to get going. Thursday's series finale was scheduled for just after noon CT to accommodate thousands of schoolchildren attending the Brewers' annual "Weather Day."

Morgan was back in the starting lineup on Thursday, looking to build on his dash home, as he carried a .125 batting average into the game.

"Gosh, it felt good," he said of scoring the winning run. "It was just something, a little something to help me out a little bit."

Of his slow start, he said, "I've got the funks. It's just part of baseball. I guess my funk last year was my April, too, when I battled through all of those injuries. My character is getting tested right now, but I'm still the same person, even though things stink. For sure, I know Dr. Freeze ain't going to stay around too much longer."