Brewers kids star in Father's Day fun

Brewers kids star in Father's Day fun

MILWAUKEE -- Father's Day is a special occasion across Major League ballparks, but this Sunday was just another day in the park for many of the younger Brewers in attendance.

Miller Park has a very animated home clubhouse after wins, with players' kids playing a standing game of home run derby after each victory. The bat and ball are plastic, but for them, the game is as real as it gets.

While the environment can be dangerous for the sportswriter who catches a stray fly ball in the head, it's very fun for the kids and their big league dads.

"I think it's really important that those kids do get a chance to remember their dads playing in the big leagues," manager Ned Yost said. "They get to join in the clubhouse atmosphere and celebrate wins. They are all just foaming at the mouth for us to win so that they can come in the locker room."

Seaver and Miller Sheets, as well as Jadyn and Haven Fielder, are all regulars in the clubhouse after wins, with their dads Ben and Prince joining in the fun more often than not.

"Some of these players are getting older and their kids are getting a little older, so they are more able to appreciate it," Yost said. "This is a short period in their lives that is really special.

"It's a great thing."

Before Sunday's game, all of the Brewers' kids in attendance scampered out to their dads' positions and got their taste of the spotlight. They were introduced as "future Major Leaguers" to the crowd.

And perhaps they will be. The Brewers' roster has a few examples of players with big league fathers. Father-son duos like Cecil and Prince Fielder, Steve and Tim Dillard and Fred and Jason Kendall drive this one home.

According to Yost, being in a Major League clubhouse helped shape their personalities.

"That's why they are the people they are today," Yost said. "Because they spent a lot of time in Major League clubhouses, so it's not a foreign thing to them. They understand what it's like and it's not intimidating to them."

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