Roenicke not considering lineup changes

Roenicke not considering lineup changes

MILWAUKEE -- Internet message boards and sports talk radio was filled Monday with suggestions -- demands, really -- for Brewers manager Ron Roenicke, whose club started the season in a team-wide slump.

Sixteen games into the season, everybody wants dramatic changes to the lineup. Roenicke is resisting.

"You put so much time into why [a lineup] should work, that to change it is saying that all of the stuff you thought made sense doesn't make sense anymore," Roencke said. "That's kind of crazy.

"Sometimes you [change the lineup] just to do it, because you do something crazy. But it's set the way it should be set."

Roenicke has considered moving catcher Jonathan Lucroy up from the eight-hole. He's also considered a favorite move of many fans -- flipping leadoff man Rickie Weeks and two-hole hitter Nyjer Morgan/Norichika Aoki/Carlos Gomez. He doesn't like either idea at the moment.

"I'm not going to ask Rickie to start bunting, to start hitting and running," Roenicke said, "so I don't know if that really makes sense, either."

He added: "When things make sense, that's when we do them."