Narveson undergoes shoulder surgery

Narveson undergoes shoulder surgery

SAN DIEGO -- Brewers left-hander Chris Narveson's season-ending shoulder surgery went just as expected on Tuesday, assistant general manager Gord Ash said.

Dr. William Raasch repaired a tear in Narveson's left rotator cuff and also repaired the labrum. The labrum issue had not been included in the Brewers' previous reports about Narveson but was an anticipated part of the procedure.

"The main component was the rotator cuff, but we knew from the imaging that there was some fraying of the labrum," Ash said. "Dr. Raasch felt it best that, while we were in there, to take care of that. It is a common part of wear and tear for a pitcher."

Narveson also had labrum surgery in 2005.

That added component of the surgery will not impact Narveson's rehabilitation timetable, Ash said. The original estimate was 6-9 months, but Ash called the short end of that spectrum, "very optimistic."

"The way we look at it is, 'Ready for Spring Training,'" Ash said.