Counsell has no plans to return to field

Counsell has no plans to return to field

SAN FRANCISCO -- Alex Gonzalez had barely made it off the field Saturday after suffering an apparently serious right knee injury before the Craig Counsell questions started rolling in. Might the popular Counsell come out of retirement to help the Brewers get through their wave of medical maladies?

Counsell said the thought crossed his mind, but the answer for now is no.

"I don't have plans to play," he said.

Counsell, 41, was hired over the winter as a special assistant to general manager Doug Melvin and has been working on a myriad of projects, the beginnings of a possible future career as a GM. He has not formally filed retirement papers with the Players' Association, but said players rarely do until they are much more advanced in age.

Because he knows shortstop so well, Counsell was particularly sad to see Gonzalez go down.

"Everybody knew he was pretty good on defense, but it was fun to watch him play shortstop," Counsell said. "He can really play."