Players laud extensions for Melvin, Roenicke

Players laud extensions for Melvin, Roenicke

Players laud extensions for Melvin, Roenicke
MILWAUKEE -- Some of the Brewers' mainstay players said they were happy to see their bosses get some additional job security on Tuesday.

General manager Doug Melvin's contract was extended through 2015, and manager Ron Roenicke's through 2014, plus a club option.

"For both of those guys, it's well deserved," left fielder Ryan Braun said. "They've been instrumental in the success we've had to this point, being a smaller, mid-market team, making the playoffs two out of the last [four] years and drawing 3 million people to watch us play every year. Those guys deserve as much credit as anybody."

Braun is one of the players who has signed multiyear contracts of his own under Melvin. Braun is signed through at least 2020.

Continuity, he said, "is very important. For all of us, you look for consistency, you look for continuity and the challenge is longevity. Knowing those two pieces are going to be in place for at least the next few years, for us, as players, it's comforting and encouraging.

"And I think it helps in the offseason when you're going out and recruiting potential free agents or looking at trades, to be able to form a relationship with somebody and say, 'I'm going to be here for the next four or five years. I'm the one who you'll answer to. Whatever I tell you is going to stand.'"

Melvin has been Brewers' GM since September 2002. In his first full season, the Brewers spent the second overall pick in the Draft on Southern University second baseman Rickie Weeks, who since has become an All-Star. Weeks signed an extension with Milwaukee in 2011 Spring Training.

"I'm a big believer in being straightforward about things, and he definitely is that," Weeks said. "He never talks behind your back. He cares about players, but at the same time, if you're not doing your job, I think he'll tell you."