Roenicke to coach at All-Star Game

Roenicke to coach at All-Star Game

Roenicke to coach at All-Star Game
KANSAS CITY -- Brewers manager Ron Roenicke hashed out some of his differences with former Cardinals manager Tony La Russa before accepting La Russa's invitation to be part of the National League's All-Star Game coaching staff.

That staff was announced by Major League Baseball on Wednesday and also includes Mets manager Terry Collins, plus La Russa's staff from the 2011 world champion Cardinals.

"It's an honor," said Roenicke, who coached third in the 2003 All-Star Game when he was with the defending champion Angels. "Any time you're asked to do something in that type of an arena, then that's an honor.

"I had a discussion with Tony La Russa on it. It's hard when you're going so hard against a guy the year before, and now you're going to be on the same side with him, but it should be fun."

Roenicke and La Russa had their differences in 2011, Roenicke's first year at the helm and La Russa's last, when the Brewers and Cardinals met for 18 tense games in the regular season, plus six more in the NL Championship Series.

Those games included plunkings of Ryan Braun and Albert Pujols, La Russa's contention that the Brewers were manipulating the lighting at Miller Park, a near-fight between Nyjer Morgan and Chris Carpenter -- followed by Morgan calling Pujols "Alberta" -- and Zack Greinke's characterization of Carpenter as a "phony."

"We had some battles last year, yes. I'll leave it at that," Roenicke said. "I talked about it, yes, and we're going to talk some more about it."