Thornburg comparisons to Lincecum legit?

Thornburg comparisons to Lincecum legit?

Thornburg comparisons to Lincecum legit?
MILWAUKEE -- Since the Brewers made him their third-round Draft pick in 2010, Tyler Thornburg has been constantly compared to the Giants' Tim Lincecum.

Both are right-handed. Both are 5-foot-11. Both throw surprisingly hard for their size and feature a plus breaking ball. And both have an unconventional delivery.

Is it a legitimate comp?

"I think that's a very good comparison," said catcher Jonathan Lucroy, who caught Thornburg in Spring Training and then faced Lincecum in early May. "Is he going to do what Lincecum does? Not a lot of people do. But in terms of stuff and delivery and windup, very comparable."

Lucroy is on the disabled list with a broken hand, so he was forced to watch Thornburg's Major League debut on Tuesday from the clubhouse. The Brewers promoted Thornburg from Double-A Huntsville to start against the Blue Jays.

"I think this is going to be a good experience for him, getting thrown into the fire," said Lucroy, who jumped to the Majors three years ago. "It was for me. I learned a lot."

Manager Ron Roenicke cautioned against expecting too much, too soon, from a 23-year-old who has made all of 13 starts above the Class A level.

But he buys the Lincecum comparison.

"I see it," Roenicke said. "[Thornburg] has got a little funkiness to him, he's got an electric fastball, he's got a very good curveball, and when all those things are working, [the comparison is apt]. I'm not saying he's [Lincecum]. But he's similar in some of the things he does."