'57 Milwaukee Braves featured in new book

'57 Milwaukee Braves featured in new book

MILWAUKEE -- The beer-swilling, Goliath-beating 1957 Milwaukee Braves are the subject of "Bushville Wins!" a new book by author John Klima that hit bookstores on Tuesday.

Klima's research included interviews with former Braves Hank Aaron, Del Crandall, Johnny Logan, Red Schoendienst and current Brewers broadcaster Bob Uecker, and features new material from letters and photographs provided by the family of former Milwaukee Sentinel baseball writer Lou Chapman.

Those '57 Braves battled the more seasoned Brooklyn Dodgers all season and then beat the mighty Yankees in the World Series. But Klima's story begins much earlier, to the very beginning of Major League Baseball in Milwaukee, with Braves owner Lou Perini's unprecedented move from Boston.

"'Bushville Wins,' is really another way of saying, 'the underdog wins,'" Klima told the Brewers fan blog, Reviewing the Brew. "Nobody gave Milwaukee a chance to win -- they were thought to be too small town, too Midwestern, too small market, too little to matter. So you had a very dynamic team, time and place where the people came together, and you had the nation rooting for this small-town team to beat the big bully in the room, the Yankees, and return baseball balance to the rest of the nation."

"Bushville Wins!" was published by Thomas Dunne Books.