Braun out of lineup with blisters on left hand

Braun out of lineup with blisters on left hand

MILWAUKEE -- The Brewers played Monday without All-Star left fielder Ryan Braun, who needed the day off to receive treatment for blisters on his left hand.

The issue has bothered Braun for some time, manager Ron Roenicke said, and is one reason Braun was 2-for-17 with six strikeouts in the first four games of the team's homestand. Nyjer Morgan started in left field Monday, batting seventh against the Astros.

"He's got some blisters on his hand that he's been fighting with for a few days now, and doesn't seem to be getting any better," Roenicke said. "So we gave him a day. He tore it up pretty good about a week ago, and they've been trying to get it back together and get it healed up. But sometimes, especially with one-armed follow-throughs, with the deep [blisters], sometimes it's hard to get rid of them."

Roenicke hoped to have Braun back in the lineup on Tuesday.

In better news, third baseman Aramis Ramirez returned to the lineup Monday after being limited to a pinch-hit appearance the day before. He has been dealing with a sore left wrist.