No steal of home for Brewers' Gomez

No steal of home for Brewers' Gomez

No steal of home for Brewers' Gomez
MILWAUKEE -- There was some discussion at Miller Park on Saturday night about why Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez was not credited with some Major League history for stealing second base, third and home for the Brewers' first run in the third inning. Instead, Gomez's scamper home was ruled a wild pitch.

Longtime official scorer Tim O'Driscoll, who has scored nearly 1,900 games, cited the Major League rulebook for his explanation, saying it was a matter of intent. Gomez did indeed break for home with the pitch, but the batter, Marco Estrada, had showed bunt, indicating the Brewers had called a suicide squeeze.

The rule is 10.07, various subsections of which give the scorer leeway to judge whether a runner is "attempting to steal."

According to, there have been only 50 instances of a player stealing second, third and home in the same inning, including Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner a record four times apiece. One Brewers player has done it -- Paul Molitor on July 26, 1987 in the first inning against the A's, for one of his 10 career steals of home.

Dave Nelson, who handles alumni relations for the Brewers and appears on FS Wisconsin, also accomplished the feat on Aug. 30, 1974 for the Rangers.

"The funny thing about it was it was against Cleveland, the team I came up with, and the pitcher was Dick Bosman, my old teammate from Washington," Nelson said. "When I was at third, the [Indians] manager, Ken Aspromonte, came to the top step and tells 'Bos,' 'Check your stretch! Check your stretch!' He says back, 'I'll watch him.'

"So Bosman looked at me, and I told Jackie Moore, our third base coach, 'I'm outta here.' Dave Duncan was the catcher, and when I was 1-1, I was outta there. Larry Napp was the umpire, and I've got pictures of him calling me safe and me sliding across the plate and Duncan tagging me when I was already on the plate."

Nelson says he stole home eight times in his Major League career. He said he also accomplished the second-to-third-to-home hat trick in the Minor Leagues against Nolan Ryan, in the 10th inning of a game in which Ryan pitched all 10 innings, struck out 21 batters and lost, 2-1, on two steals of home.

"It's a lost art," Nelson said.