Brewers working on rotation options for rest of year

Brewers working on rotation options for rest of year

Brewers working on rotation options for rest of year
MIAMI -- Ron Roenicke is toying with the idea of using six starters. He's just not sure how it's going to shape up yet.

The Brewers manager said Tuesday that he wants to get multiple starts for right-handers Wily Peralta and Tyler Thornburg, who were both recalled from Triple-A Nashville earlier in the day. Peralta will start Wednesday's game against the Marlins in the rotation spot previously held by Mark Rogers, who was shut down for the season, while the exact plan for Thornburg is unclear at the moment.

Roenicke tossed around the idea of a six-man rotation, but said the Brewers' two upcoming off-days on Sept. 13 and 17 when they return to Milwaukee could make that difficult.

"When we get back home, we have two days off that are going to kind of mess with that, going to a six-man rotation, so we're still trying to figure that out," Roenicke said.

One possible scenario for the Brewers would be to stick with a traditional five-man rotation, but alternate between Peralta and Thornburg every fifth game so each gets a few starts without affecting the normal rest for the other starters.

"We want to be fair to both of them, so maybe the next start maybe it's Thornburg's time, so I don't know," Roenicke said. "We're trying to work that out. We want to see all those young guys and try to figure out how to do it."

While the Brewers would like to see both Peralta and Thornburg make multiple starts down the stretch, how Peralta fares Wednesday could affect the team's plan and make the decision easier if the righty struggles or pitches very well.

"We'll see how Peralta does, and that could change also on how we feel and what we do with Thornburg," Roenicke said. "We'll see how we go here in the next week. I think we'll know a lot more in the next week what's happening."