Hart out again, to get custom foot support

Hart out again, to get custom foot support

Hart out again, to get custom foot support
MILWAUKEE -- Brewers first baseman Corey Hart will be fitted with a custom foot support on Wednesday in an effort to ease the pain in his injured left arch and allow him rejoin the team's late postseason push.

Hart, who was injured when he planted and changed directions on the basepaths on Sunday in St. Louis, missed a second straight start Tuesday, but did take some pregame swings in the batting cage in an effort to prove he could at least pinch-hit. He said the decision was up to Brewers medical staffers.

Hart called that session "encouraging," but conceded he could be bothered by pain throughout what remains of the season. Because of the location of his injury, Hart was told an anti-inflammatory injection would only be administered as a last resort.

"I think I can tolerate it, but it's not going to go away," he said. "I'm trying to find the right tape job, the right insert. I'm trying to get myself back in the lineup, but I'm obviously not going to be running very quick right now.

"I already have a tear in there. I think right now we want to get all the initial swelling out so I can get back on the field, and if I fully tear it, I fully tear it. I want to get out there and do what I can. We're so close to the end right now, and where we are [in the standings], I want to try to play. If I make it worse, I make it worse, and we have the offseason to recover."

Helping Hart's bid is the fact that the Brewers are nearing the end of a stretch of 20 games in as many days. They have an off-day Thursday, and another on Monday.

"I'm hoping he's ready for Friday [against the Mets]," Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said.

Asked about his level of pain, Hart said, "It's 10.

"I think today is better than yesterday, and I feel like I was able to do more than I thought I would today. I can modify my swing. I can get by. It stinks, because I feel like my swing was pretty good, and I don't want to modify it, but I won't be able to swing like I normally swing because of my front foot [and] how I plant."