Italian Sausage Guido thankfully returned

PHOENIX -- Oh, Guido. Always getting into trouble.

The Brewers were happy to learn late Wednesday that a missing link from their Famous Racing Sausage team had been found at a bar in Cedarburg, Wis. The $3,000 Italian Sausage, who goes by the name Guido, had been stolen from an event in the northern Milwaukee suburb two weeks earlier. After the caper made national news on Wednesday, someone dropped Guido on a barstool and made a break for it.

This particular costume is owned by Klement's and not the Brewers, but team spokesperson Tyler Barnes was nonetheless happy to hear that Guido had been returned with his casing in tact.

"This is the power of the press," Barnes said.

The Brewers own two copies of the five-man racing team, one for Miller Park and another for Maryvale Baseball Park. They are available for hire, but the Brewers send racers along with the costumes to keep an eye out for would-be sausage snatchers.

Guido has been in the national spotlight before. In 2003, the Pittsburgh Pirates' Randall Simon became the most hated man in Milwaukee when he smacked the Italian Sausage with a baseball bat as it ran past the visitors' dugout. They eventually made up.