Roenicke concerned about Brewers pressing

Roenicke concerned about Brewers pressing

Roenicke concerned about Brewers pressing

PHOENIX -- The Brewers scored 13 runs in their past six games entering Saturday's action, going 2-4 during that span. They went 1-for-12 with runners in scoring position Friday and 1-for-7 in the series opener on Thursday.

Through Friday, All-Star Carlos Gomez had one hit in his past seven games, striking out four times in five plate appearances Friday and is among a host of scuffling hitters for the Brewers.

"He's not approaching it quite the same way as he was," manager Ron Roenicke said of Gomez. "I don't know if he's trying to hit home runs … he's just in a slump."

Roenicke and catcher Jonathan Lucroy wondered aloud why the team struggled to drive in runs after Friday night's loss.

"The mind just screws you up. It always amazes me how much when you start overthinking, how bad the body reacts," Roenicke said. "You try to do different things and it never works out."

Roenicke added that he'll let Gomez try to work his way out of the slump with only one more game before the All-Star break. Gomez also saw his 0-for-4 line from Friday changed to an 0-for-5, with a scoring decision originally ruled a sacrifice bunt changed to a groundout from the catcher to first base.

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