Roenicke sees All-Stars as potential leaders

Roenicke sees All-Stars as potential leaders

PHOENIX -- The Brewers' two All-Stars, veteran outfielder Carlos Gomez and 23-year-old shortstop Jean Segura, are the "energy" in the team's lineup and set the tone, manager Ron Roenicke said, and could be clubhouse leaders in the future.

"You need guys like that on the team," Roenicke said. "He [Segura] doesn't always do it; there's some times when I've had to say something to him, but his normal play has got a lot of energy in it."

Gomez was the team's home runs, doubles and triples leader as of Saturday night, even though he got off to a rough start at the plate this season and has began struggling again there lately. But he has played an outstanding defensive center field on a consistent basis.

"Gomez will learn along the way; with the performance and the energy and what they do, these guys become your leaders," Roenicke said. "And they have a responsibility that when you're that type of player and people are looking up to you, you've got to do things a little bit better than most."

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