Miller Park to be OK after flooding

Miller Park to be OK after flooding

DETROIT -- A severe storm in Milwaukee early Friday morning knocked out power at Miller Park and caused what a Brewers official termed "moderate" flooding in parts of the ballpark's service level, including the clubhouses. But the situation should be resolved before Tuesday, when the team returns home to host the Twins.

"We're maybe looking to replace some carpeting in offices and the clubhouses, but the clubhouses were spared the worst of the problems," said Brewers vice president of communications Tyler Barnes, who was doubly affected because his own home took on water.

"The field apparently is in good shape," Barnes said. "We anticipate absolutely no problems at all being ready to play on Tuesday."

It was too early to begin discussing alternatives if Miller Park isn't ready by then, Barnes said.

The major priority on Friday afternoon was restoring power. It was still out as of 5 p.m. CT on Friday, though in-house generators were supplying electricity to workers who had already begun the process of cleaning up and replacing carpet and wet drywall.

Brewers players, preparing for the start of an Interleague series in Detroit, were hearing much more dire reports of several feet of water in areas of home clubhouse, a rumor that Barnes disputed. Clubhouse manager Tony Migliaccio, who is with the team on this road trip, referred questions to more senior club officials.

"From what I understand, there is no damage to the contents of the lockers," Barnes said. "The higher water levels were in the service tunnel and the areas right off the service tunnel."

The team's e-mail system was down until late into the afternoon, and the Brewers employees not associated with clean-up efforts were working from home.

The club's initial belief was that rainfall from a downpour that dropped nearly five inches of rain on parts of the city funneled from Miller Park Way through the ballpark's south dock.

"That's what we believe right now, although we're not really assessing the 'how' or 'why' at the moment," Barnes said. "We're focusing on the clean-up. At some point, we'll want to know exactly what happened."

Miller Park also sustained some flooding last June when a series of storms passed through Milwaukee, though it was less serious than on Friday. Another band of storms was in the forecast for the area later in the day.

"Assuming the power is back on relatively quickly, then plans are very much in place to be ready to go on Tuesday," Barnes said. "They mobilized forces down here well before sunrise and the progress they have already made is stunning."

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