Replay upholds Fielder's double vs. Cubs

Replay upholds Fielder's double vs. Cubs

MILWAUKEE -- Prince Fielder thought he had his second home run of the season Friday. The umpires ruled otherwise, even after a second look.

Crew chief John Hirschbeck gathered his crew for a video review of Fielder's first-inning fly ball to center field, which struck the top of the wall and bounced back into play. The baseball appeared to disappear for a moment, but after reviewing the video, the original call stood: Double.

"They got it right," Fielder said after the game. "They went and checked on it; that's all I was asking, because I can't see that far. Since they have the [replay] to use, might as well use it, and they did a good job."

Though he was hopeful it would be ruled a home run, Fielder still was not sure what the appropriate call was after the play.

"I just saw it bounce [and] wanted them to check it," he said. "Of course I'm thinking on the positive side for us, but I didn't know really."

Casey McGehee followed with an inning-ending groundout off Ryan Dempster that stranded Fielder at second base and Ryan Braun at third. The Cubs headed into the second inning with a 2-0 lead.

"I thought it was gone," Dempster said. "I knew I had that chance to make a pitch to get an out, and I was able to get him to hit it on the ground to third and get out of the inning. Especially after we just scored two, you want shutdown innings. It was definitely a big break for us."

It marked the sixth time that Major League Baseball's replay review system was utilized in a game involving the Brewers, and the first time that the original call stood. It was the fourth use of instant replay at Miller Park, and the first since a home run by the Astros' Geoff Blum was changed to a foul ball last Aug. 16.